The LastLeaf Story

We treasure the art of breaking bread. Gathering around a table or congregating in the kitchen. Preparing each dish, cooking over the stovetop, tasting each step of the way, and then sharing each artfully crafted dish. Reconnecting with our old friends and beginning to bond with new ones. Where friends turn in to family. Food brings us together and delivers enjoyment.  

In a world with so many connected components, it is likely we all know someone who has benefited from the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. It is only a recent phenomenon for the majority of users to have an opportunity to use it legally, and it is even a more recent phenomenon for us to have an opportunity to merge our love of savory, delicious food with the healing powers of the cannabis plant. 

LastLeaf is approaching edibles differently: savory flavors and micro-dosing.  We work with top-rated, creative chefs to provide culinary products for the American at-home chef. Cooking, just like cannabis, can be adventurous and fun, but we deeply believe in the healing powers of food and the cannabis plant, individually and together. Now we get to share the best of both worlds with you. 

Keith Burkard


Keith has known for a long time he wanted to carve out his own destiny in the world of business.  As his entrepreneurial career excelled, he applied his methodical and logistical mindset to support and transform an industry hungry for disruption.

Keeping tunnel vision, his focus shifted to solving the industry issue of how to create consistent chains of production for cannabis edibles from state-to-state.

Keith is on a mission to manufacture culinary products using premium ingredients to produce top-tier flavor with consistent quality harnessing an amplified edible experience for consumers.

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